Sunday, August 19, 2007

Specter finds voters just plain angry

Hello. Senator, we're mad. Did you just realize this, or is it something you've come to understand for a while now.
Specter finds voters just plain angry The issues have changed from year to year, but this town hall tour through the state's 67 counties has been the same through the decades. This year, however, the Republican has seen a marked change in the tone and intensity of his questioners.

'The meetings are a lot bigger ... and there's a lot more passion and a lot more anger,' he said as he headed from one meeting to another across the rolling, green hills of Washington County. 'And they're angry at everything. ... They're boiling mad about Iraq. They're almost that mad about immigration.

'They're as mad about Gonzales as they are about immigration. They're mad at the president for taking all the power he has. There are a lot of people talking about habeus corpus. Where in the hell would you expect to have all these people talking about habeus corpus?'
Yes, we are upset about and understand habeus corpus. So now we must turn to Libertarians to reclaim our liberty and freedom.

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