Monday, August 20, 2007

District 3 Election Guide - News from the past

Blast from the past:
District 3 Special Election Guide - News

Mark Rauterkus (L)

Mark Rauterkus grew up in Penn Hills, moved out of state for a few years, and then moved back to Pittsburgh in 1990.

The South Side resident said that part of his motivation for running for council is that the city is in a big crisis, and he believes children have been ignored.

Rauterkus, who has two children, said that if elected to council, he would like to chair the Committee on Youth Policy and the Citiparks Committee.

One of the things that Rauterkus would like to accomplish is to restart the Pittsburgh Marathon.

He would also like to integrate additional programs into the city's neighborhood parks. 'There's a lot to be done there,' Rauterkus said.

Rauterkus is a swim coach for the Carlynton Swim Club. He said he would like to acquire funding to open more of the city's pools, which have been closed at times because of budget cuts.

Rauterkus added that he is dedicated to his campaign 'for the long haul.' If he does not win this election, he plans to build a network of volunteers and issues. 'Whoever does win might only be there for a year and half,' Rauterkus said. 'They're going to have me to contend with next week.'

Senior Staff Writer Laura Jerpi

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