Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republic Magazine - features Ron Paul. Get bulk copies for $1 each.

This is a good deal.
Republic Magazine - Home On September 10th, the Patriot community will get it's second installment of the REPUBLIC MAGAZINE. This special issue features the cover story on Ron Paul. While Dr. Paul is continually being downplayed and ignored by the mainstream media, patriotic Americans and even Canadians are rallying behind this Texas Congressman.

Learn why you should also listen to what this presidential hopeful has to say and why we feel that he is the only candidate worth voting for in this election. Could he be the savior of this great nation? Find out in the coming issue.

Also featuring: 60 Second Activism, Activist Profile- “Ron Paul MeetUp Austin”, Learn how to live 'Off the Grid' with this feature on Organic Gardening, 9/11 Six Years Later, Constitutional RE-Education and The End of the IRS Pt 2.

Find patriot owned businesses with products and services that could help you live out the dream of our forefathers in our patriot pages.

PRE-ORDER YOUR BULK ACTIVIST COPIES NOW. We have opened the doors for you to pre-order 25, 50, 100 copes or more of this special issue. Republic Magazine is the perfect tool to wake up the American people to the evil acts that are methodically eroding our freedoms. Order now before we sell out!

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John K. says: At last we will clear it up if Ron Paul is really Rue Paul or not.