Monday, August 20, 2007

Cleaning up Pittsburgh - Pennsyltucky Politics

Cleaning up Pittsburgh - Pennsyltucky Politics: "There's a new reform group in town, or at least in Pittsburgh. Reform Pittsburgh Now will have to change its name if it gets bored and decides to pick on folks in Harrisburg, Philadelphia or Tyrone. We imagine they'll find plenty to keep them busy for a while."
Who is going to open the next new site? It could be called one of the following:

  • Reform Pittsburgh Later

  • Reform Pittsburgh Eventually

  • Reform the Region Whenever

  • Reform Pittsburgh After Getting Elected

  • Reform Pittsburgh After Getting Elected to THAT other office

  • Quixotic Pittsburgh Reform

  • Quixotic Pittsburgh

  • Bill Ogden has a fine statement about 'reform.' Often the word 'reform' gets tossed around so much that in the end reform is deformed.

    I don't want to 'de-form' Pittsburgh.

    An constant buzz in Pittsburgh isn't 'reform' -- rather it is enforcement. We have lax enforcement on many fronts. A site, Pittsburgh Enforcement could be of interest. Then what is lax in one area is brutal in another. Those in city hall are happy to make new enforcements, such as with cat licenses. But they want to give free passes to cronies.

    My biggest statement about reform concerns the sequence. I'd rather not reform until after we replace. Those who are in office present the worst possible actors for making future reforms.

    We need to:

    1. Replace

    2. Redirect

    3. Reform.

    That sequence, with reforming at the end, is important.

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