Thursday, August 23, 2007

BABY TALK and the arrival of "The Golf Fairy"

BABY TALK: "luke worms around ethics. "
Big blog posting. This blogger tries to make it to the end of the P-G article with a dance among Luke's twisted logic without exploding his head in the process.
"The only thing of value I received was knowing I played a small part in seeing the work of the foundation will continue," he said.

I hate to break it to you, Luke, but you played no part in seeing the work of the foundation continue. The continuing of the foundation's work comes from the money that golfers and sponsors pay to participate in the tournament. You, as you've already told us, couldn't afford to pay that kind of money. So UPMC and the Penguins paid it for you. Which means they played a small part in seeing that the work of the foundation will continue. You played golf and stalked celebrities and skipped public hearings. For free.

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Anonymous said...

Letter to editor in the Trib.

Out of bounds
Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm having a difficult time understanding how the City of Pittsburgh benefits from Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's gallivanting from one high-brow charity event to another around the region -- and outside the city no less ("Pittsburgh's ethics rules not as tough as other cities," Aug. 23 and

Ravenstahl claims that a mayor must attend these affluent events to maintain exposure. But exposure for what, and for whom?

While generating funds for charities may be an admirable aim, it is not the role of a mayor.

And I suggest if a charitable golf outing at the Laurel Valley Golf Club were such a critical activity for the city, then the mayor wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to conceal his whereabouts when he missed an important hearing regarding the promotion of two city police officers with a history of domestic abuse allegations.

Patrick M. Ward, Whitehall