Saturday, August 25, 2007

YouTube debate among presidents has been saved. What about local debates?

The online world wears a big smile with the saving of the Presidential YouTube debate among Republicans.
We won the first battle. Because of online grassroots activists like us, we saved the Republican YouTube debate.

Now we as Republicans need to actually WIN the debate by the encouraging everyone to submit their questions, online and off. Please ask the candidates your question at:

And sign up to be a Video Volunteer to collect questions in your community at:
I can help you get your question put in to the candidates -- or put into the mix to be picked by organizers before being shown to the candidates.

But frankly, I'm a little worried about the local debate scene. When Roddey and Onorato were in a race, they gathered hundreds of times. When Murphy and O'Connor were in races, they were on TV dozens of times -- in debates and with extended interviews.

The debates must be booked NOW. They are not going to materialize, I fear.

And the next question comes, debate inclusion.

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