Wednesday, August 29, 2007 The iSummits. Next road trip is to Japan

To sustain the conversation I helped to guide at a Pittsburgh PodCamp session on the contrasts of the free and open source movement to the closed world, perhaps we should pack our bags for Japan! The iSummits Once a year, about 300 people from over 50 countries come together at the iCommons Summit, to celebrate and strategise around a free Internet for all.Here, leaders of the Creative Commons, free software, open education and access to knowledge communities talk about their vision for the future and discuss strategies for building a free global culture that is rich - both in terms of economic viability and geographic diversity.
In other podcast buzz, seems that some are turning negative to iJustine.

I would never stand up and tell another to 'get a life.' So, I'll just hit the 'publish' button on this blog and send its counter to 6,707 postings here.

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