Saturday, August 18, 2007

Live blogging Peduto's site launch

I'm here at Pittsburgh's Podcamp having a fun time. Friends are calling my cell. Justine is live blogging in a seat in front of me. David T is passing out campiagn materials. He is running for the Allegheny County at-large seat. Travis is next to me. We talked about New Zealand and the Ron Morris show this morning.

Bill is late.

Matt and I heart burgh are here among other Peduto heads.

Steve from Duquesne is here too. He was the caller just ahead of me on yesterday's Lynn Cullen show talking about impeachment, constitutional lines of the president and war. Steve attended my last podcamp presentation some months ago. He'll be a blogger soon.'s live wire, Jia, was talking with Justine and then figured out he was streaming. He went on to kick himself. Funny. You gotta know what you say could be out on the web, realtime. Eeeks. Here is a note to self -- always be nice.

WDUQ microphone ison the table. Bill sits. A big screen is in the background. The room is full, about 60 people.

Monthly podcast. V-Cast. Bill's Blog. Online libary.

By the end of October. Every minute of a weekend you'd not have enough time.

Raise the bar and based on issues.

Take out the personality issues. But, the talk was about how the people who are going ON TO council RAN (past tense) on reform.

There are a lot of things that Bill didn't do.

Directing the operation is my former campaign manager, Matt Preston. This is a very different team. Fresh approach.

It is not about personality, but Justine sits down and rides the bus with Steve Bland. You'll be able to click on one button and contact all you state legislatures. You'll be able to send email to all the members on city council.

The Gathering Hurd -- Marshall. ??

To talk to politians.

Pokey, the bobble head doll can tell if your street needs to be re-paved.

Events. What about a Gmail calendar for Grant Street.

Camping, trivia, mini-golf, white water rafting. Bottom line, we want to make it fun, so says Bill.

Bottom line isn't reforming Pittsburgh.

Excited to see the comments. First episode is the public transit. The next episode is emerging economy, the New Mon Valley. The 3rd, culture/arts/history to revitalize the city. Going to be all over the city.

Later, community benefits agreements.

Asked Bill about use of the Google Calendar I started some months (or a year) ago.

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