Monday, August 20, 2007

Software tool promises 1-click colonialism | The Register

This weekend at PodCamp, I gave a bit of a 'holy war' rant against some rather big-boy players in the realm of new media.

One guy talked to me in the hallway after the presentation and said, 'Man, you've got a lot of nerve to trash on both the Creative Commons and producers at THIS event.

"Yep. I felt as if I went behind enemy lines in a holy war today -- to scout around and do some recon."

Here is another pointer to another angle on this global topic of 'rights' and 'payments' and how one can really make a living.
Software tool promises 1-click colonialism | The Register: "The music industry has a long and shameful history of robbing black artists of their rights. Now along comes some new software that will help speed up the job. Think of it as a sort of 1-Click 'non-payment' system. Liblicense is a project that Creative Commons hopes to integrate with MIT Media Lab's OLPC, or One Laptop Per Child initiative. That's the rubbishy sub-notebook designed for developing countries, that developing countries don't seem to want very much. The genius of the move is that instead of needing to hire shifty lawyers to bamboozle artists out of the right to be paid, Creative Commons makes the process not only voluntary, but automated, too. Liblicense will greatly ease the process of assigning a Creative Commons license to creative material straight from the desktop.

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