Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Web site urges reform in Pittsburgh politics

New Web site urges reform in Pittsburgh politics Mr. Kownacki, who has been producing Web video for four years, said 'a lot of folks just do it for their own personal gain, or to have their own voices heard by the masses. What you don't see a lot of is actual pro-active video, or social media in general that tries to rally people to a cause, get them to actually effect change.'
Perhaps Justin does not see a lot of pro-active video nor social media that aims to get people to effect changes for causes. But, it is out there. And, it has been for some time.

Remember Ground Zero and Ground Zero's Art of News?

There have been plenty of social calendar sites in Pittsburgh.

People that have nothing to do with politics as reformers should be interesting. I won't be watching. No, I'll be an uninvited participant.

My first question: Will you need a username and password to view the blog, like the last time Peduto ran a blog?

My next question: Will spoofing be possible. If so, it will be a problem.

My last question now: Can I call for a vote?

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