Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bio from David C. Adams from the League of Women Voters online guide

David C Adams, 49, Pittsburgh, Ward 13

Education: B.S., Villanova University, 1980;
M. A., Princeton University, 1982;
University of Pittsburgh, 2005-present: Public Administration;
Giant Eagle, 2003-2005: Accelerated Management Training Program;
California University of Pennsylvania, 1985-1987: Speech Communications;
U.S.M.C., U.S.N., U.S.A.R., 1976-1985

Occupation: University of Pittsburgh, Facilities Management;
President, Conscience Newsletter, and The Conscience Group

Qualifications: Leadership Experience; Creator of Comprehensive Citywide Crime Prevention Program

Answer: 1. Alternative Funding: I would utilize the many resources of this city, and our geography to open marketing opportunities which would be exclusively directed to fund, and impact the city’s bottom line. The beauty of this idea, is the fact that corporations, small and large business, organizations, and sporting entities would help the city, as they market their products, goods or services. I believe this opportunity would also generate new business to the city. The marketing opportunities would be developed to ensure every business owner in Pittsburgh could join this opportunity, with price scales to fit every budget of business, including a payment plan.

2. Public Safety: Fire, Police, Ambulance, Emergency Services etc.

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