Sunday, November 04, 2007

Visiting with Panther Rants and their Tailgate was a blast

Thanks everyone. I had a great time.
Panther Rants We'd also like to announce a formal eternal tailgating invitation to area Pittsburgh politician Mark Rauterkus who remained true to his word and came to the tailgate fully armed with some of his buttons and DVDs, not to mention doughnuts, bear claws and a bag of popcorn that could fill the trunk of a 1974 Cadillac. Mark was also as much fun to talk with and have around and his time and effort were rewarded with a Panther Rants limited edition collectors t-shirt. Unfortunately, none of Mark's new tailgating buddies actually live in his district, making his experience a complete waste of time, energy, and about $20 ($17 if he used his Giant Eagle Advantage card). We hope, however, that he doesn't view it as such and becomes a regular. The more the merrier.
Photos soon.

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