Thursday, November 01, 2007

DeSantis had one great answer and didn't do much with the coaching I served up

DeSantis gave one excellent answer in the debate at QED. He hit that one out of the park. Take a guess as to what I think was his best answer from any debate so far.

Sadly, four or five other times I was just begging for a better replies.

Then he goes and mentions Lamb. Jeepers. Who is the mayor candidate that Michael Lamb, D, endorses?

Then comes this answer, from my dreams.

Q: How can you, Mark DeSantis, work with others in city government who are all Dems?

DeSantis could have given this reply. It is one I dream about:
The voters are going to put new faces on city council. Patrick Dowd is a Dem, but has a Ph.D., like me. We'll get along well. Mr. Dowd is running without opposition. Furthermore, I look forward to working with and I strongly endorse: David Adams, city council district 9; Dave Schuilenburg, district 1; and Libertarian, Mark Rauterkus, district 3. Those gentleman can present four new faces to city council. The last three have mounted serious challenges to the entrenched D-party mindset.

This is a new day.

As I get elected mayor, I can be joined in city hall with a Libertarian and two Independents who are headed to city council. This year is a big year for change for Grant Street and city government. All are capable with great perspectives. Those other seats are being filled with four-year terms. Voters should not make the same mistakes again by always electing Democrats and always falling back into the same ruts.


Thomas Leturgey said...

You've completely flipped my friend.

All I can say is WOW.

Anonymous said...

Mark, You should make a DVD about this. And another. And another....