Friday, November 02, 2007

Radio Ad by Allegheny County Dems -- might as well be FOR me, Libertarian, strongly against the war

Woke up today to hear a radio ad on KDKA from the Allegheny County Democratic Committee that hits upon the failed policies of the Republicans and Mark DeSantis. Taken on measure, that is the message that is sure to generate a lot of new voters to the Libertarians.


I hate the war, as Ron Paul does.

I hate the failed policies.

I've been standing against the folly of local and national policies for a decade.

I didn't vote for Bush. Not I or II or even II the first time.

Furthermore, with Tom Murphy, D, I didn't vote for him the second or third time, I ran against him and worked hard to move him to the private sector.

Hurling stones about failed policies in radio ads from those that live in glass houses is sure to help my cause as a Libertarian.

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