Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing is a big city -- but it is really fun to ...

We love being in Beijing and running into friends on the street.

We've seen a few folks on various days at various settings.

Our phone(s) has a number of different names and numbers now stored within the "phone book." And, we've called to keep in touch and make future play dates.

People are seeing us on the streets too. Our good friend in China gets updates on our travels from people in his company who see us zoom past while on our bikes.

Another point of smiles is seeing people we've seen and some who we know on TV as they show the crowd shots on TV.

We picked up some new bike shirts at a bike shop today. And, we got a badminton net and more shuttlecocks for our play in the park. Our friends, Simon and his mom, had tickets to weightlifting, so we only played with them for about 10 minutes then they had to depart.

Up soon, a visit to the Beijing Exhibition Hall for an Olympic showcase with all sorts of Olympic stuff. Might get photos.

Had fun going to the computer mall again today. Want to get a new battery for the video camera yet. But, got some disks.

The cheering in all the stadiums from the locals sounds like, "Chi-go" or "Guy-go" or a ChGuy-go. Its literal meaning is 'Add fuel.' As in 'get oil.' Use your energy. Burn baby burn. Then they often say, "China" (but in Chineese) in the off beats.

We want to sign up for "Team Sabrina." She is an Olympian from Canada. Rower.

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