Friday, August 01, 2008

Danish coach accuses Chinese of spying (cont.) - Grant Wahl -

Danish coach accuses Chinese of spying (cont.) - Grant Wahl - "I don't think that's the way that anybody should be treated at a World Cup or an Olympics.'
Interesting story.

Locally, we only have to look as far as the family changing rooms at Soak Zone and some jerk 15 year old employee with his cell phone camera stuck to the end of a stick for cheap views. But, let's leave that one for the Carbolic Smoke Ball and humorist, if there is any humor in that.

In US football, the Patriots were pointing cameras at coaches in the games to catch signals and plays as they were relayed to the players. This came into focus by a US Senator from Pennsylvania who was able to waste lots of time on the matter.

Insert more jokes here about how the Danish team should recruit the senior senator from Pennsylvania to look into the matter -- and we might get WWIII.

Globally, I'd encourage the coach to say that the treatment should not be hinged upon the venue of the World Cup or the Olympics. People should not be treated that way -- period.

Privacy in a public realm is hard to insure. On one hand there is hopes of huddles with the team and no outsiders will be there. Then in the next hour there is hope that there will be 50,000 in the stands and 50-million, if not 500-million, watching on television.

Frankly, I hope that cameras are everywhere in Beijing. I hope that they are in the stands, in the hands of the people, and in the grassroots. In Pittsburgh, I'm wishing we had more cameras that were pointed at our politicians and public funds -- and less at the citizens.

Finally, it come time to make a mention of the overall hope of a 'closed practice.' Wow. That opens a big can of worms.

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