Thursday, August 28, 2008

United Airlines/News - FlyerWiki

United Airlines/News - FlyerWiki: "United Airlines Teams Up with Apple
As part of United's plans to upgrade its international first and business class travel experience for customers, United and Apple have teamed up to add iPod connectivity to United's inflight entertainment service. This connectivity will enable customers to plug-in and charge their iPod, watch movies and TV shows on their iPod using United’s big-screen monitors, as well as listen to their entire music library on United’s noise-cancellation headsets.
“There is significant value in offering a superior inflight entertainment experience to our first and business class customers during their international flights,” said Graham Atkinson, executive vice president and chief customer officer. “We are identifying what matters most to our premium customers and then delivering the right products and services – like the iPod connectivity – to meet those needs.”
United announced earlier this year that it will upgrade its first and business class products and services beginning next year and reconfigure the entire international wide-body fleet throughout the next two to three years. Current plans include overhauling ground and onboard products and services to enhance the entire premium travel experience – from when customers check-in to when they arrive at their destination.

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