Friday, August 01, 2008

Conservative Reform Network � Blog Archive � Pay It Back: House Democrat Corrupt Organization

Another blogger hits out against Wayne Fontana and Chelsa Wagner for recent campaign efforts that came from taxpayer sources.
Conservative Reform Network � Blog Archive � Pay It Back: House Democrat Corrupt OrganizationThe House Democratic Corrupt Organization (HDCO), illegally, used public taxpayer money to defeat and undermine a dissident Democrat, Mike Diven, driven to become a Republican by Democratic harassment Mike Diven. The opposition started in Democratic primary of 2004.

HDCO and State Rep. Chelsea Wagner (D-Allegheny) and State Senator Wayne Fontana (D-Brookline) , both of whom benefited, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, innocently or guiltily , from the illegal use of public taxpayer money to win their elections.

House Democrats, Senator Fontana and Representative Wagner need to repay the public taxpayers the money that was wrongfully taken by their Democratic Leadership for their benefits.
I'm not sure if they know the half of it. There is much more and I've blogged a bit about it in the past.

I don't have much of a beef with Chelsa. But, with Fontana, I've got a big stink.

Fontana can't 'pay back' what he got however. He has no capacity to raise the money that was spent for him by others in Harrisburg. And, he did a lot through his office. I don't like to fight the Senator to get his permission to get onto the ballot -- and have his office work against me.

The headline on the front page of the newspaper the other day, that I didn't blog about, was for payments to law firms. A good deal of money went to firms to battle me. I'd say it was at least a $15,000 bill -- as reported to me by a friend in the field.

My solution, since he can't pay it back -- and he can't make what is right with the past is for him to resign and let's do it over again in a special election. Then he'd be able to call himself my senator. Until then he is just a cheater without the sense to not use his (or my) state senate office for political work.

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