Sunday, August 03, 2008

China in China

China is getting set for 8-8-08. We are too. The boys are packed and at the park shooting hoops. Then it is off for some ice cream.

I'm trying to slay the dragon of digital dust.

Heard on some site (if one can do the 'hearing' via a posting) that there is a chance of rain on either 8-8-08 or 8-9-08. We'll have none of that as the world watches the kick off to the Olympics. So, it remains to be seen if the weather altering measures are going to be deployed by the authorities in China to insure that there will be no rain. You don't want to rain upon the parade. Literally.

There are ways that the China government has to bump the weather by seeding clouds and such. Wild, but talked about, if not proven.

The image above is a zodiac chart on a plate. I took the photo as it was for sale in an art market.

Now I'm dealing with a lot of round objects and trying to clean them up. Digital dust on the CDs, DVDs and mini-CDs for the campers and computers.

Then I called Curtis with the Ozanham Basketball program, all excited to say that Holder was listed in the Russian vs. USA basketball game box score. He already knew. He watched the game the other night at 3 am. Someone had tipped him off to the game time. Holder did start. He played some in Wilkinsburg then went to a private school for later in high school.

I'be been telling folks that the Olympics are going to be on the air via NBC for 212 hours a day, given all the various networks. You'll be able to see more of the games here, sitting in front of the TV than I'll be able to see in Beijing. That prediction came true even before we departed town as the games are being watched -- and I'm missing them to pack.

If you can -- set up a time for my and/or me and my boys to come to your school, your team or your neighborhood open house to present our views of the Olympics and Beijing upon our return in September.

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