Saturday, August 02, 2008

Plenty of pick-up trucks circle Reizenstein -- and those holes in the middle of the field!

On Friday we drove next to the Reizenstein School. Seems like we spent two days there in one mid-day crawl of traffic. The construction is happening at Baker's Square. The pick-up trucks, personal cars of workers, circle the Reizenstein Middle School.

Well, it is now going to be a high school -- except for 9th graders. But then it will be a middle school again, plus a high school. But then again, it is only a temporary school. So, I'm still not sure what to call it -- Schenley, Reizenstein, I.B. High.

But the sight of all sights was the digger out in the middle of the expansive side yard at Reizenstein. A boring machine was drilling one-foot wide holes into the grassy turf. These were digging the foundations for a row of trees that were being planted a few holes prior. The trees are 10 to 15 foot tall now -- and are smack dab in the fickin middle of the practice field for the sports team(s).

The bastards have gone and planted trees to obstruct sporting opportunities at the school site.

No softball there. No football practice there. No soccer practices there. No frisbee -- Bram! No hope for kite flying there with the Ben Franklin Electrolights either.

Are those trees in the middle of the field necessary?

Please explain.

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winky said...

Perhaps the trees are to keep the student athletes cooler as they practice. I know I love a nice tree, but I do not get the chance to fly my kites much. We have not been to the beach in several years and that is where we usually fly. Look at it this way, if these trees turn out to be a deterent to a successful sports program and the kids are injuring themselves by running into them it will give us so much more to talk about. This way the topic of school buses downtown outside a gentlemen's club will get a break. Honestly, can you believe the planning dept. ok'ed that one? A lot of bus drivers reach their locations early too and park in a little conga line. It is so cute to see that.