Friday, August 01, 2008

Bonusgate allegations show desperate need for election law changes

Libertarian Party says Voters Choice Act first step to counter corruption

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPa) today called for Harrisburg to open up the ballot to independent and third party candidates so Pennsylvanians can choose representatives who will bring integrity to the state legislature.

According to a grand jury report, top Democrat aids diverted millions of dollars in state resources (tax dollars) for Democratic campaign efforts to stifle their opposition.

Many of those alleged to be targeted were candidates sponsored by PA CleanSweep, a group formed to oust lawmakers who voted for the legislative pay raise.

State resources were also apparently used to keep third party candidates off the ballot. According to grand jury allegations, Democratic operatives directed as many as 30 taxpayer-paid employees to review signatures of third-party candidate Carl Romanelli’s petition in the ballot access challenge that killed his candidacy.

According to David Jahn (Ballot Access Coalition member and LPPa Eastern Vice-Chair), “while the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition was speaking to the Governor’s Election Reform Task force and the State Government Committee regarding inequities in the ballot access laws (which in 2006 required over 67,000 signatures), Harrisburg Democrats were spending tax dollars to assure ‘free and equal’ elections did not occur.”

It is now time for Pennsylvanians to demand real choice on the ballot. Last week, Senator Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) introduced the Voters’ Choice Act, which removes the Commonwealth’s unfair hurdles that obstruct ballot access for independent and minor party candidates for public office.

LPPa Chair, Michael Robertson commented “The recent allegations of abuse of both public funds and public trust highlight the need for reform of the electoral process in Pennsylvania. It is time to restore the authority of the people over their government, and the Voters Choice Act is a good step in that direction."

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