Monday, August 11, 2008

new adventure -- getting more money onto our China Net Account

In Beijing, you can buy access to the internet on a card, like a phone card. These are sold at news stands. When you get the card -- you need to call a number and have them activate the credits to your account based upon your home phone nummber.

The IP address is tied to the phone account.

You pay for internet by time. We don't know the rate.

I did this all today, with a good bit of help from the guy at the news stand and the fellow from the hotel that walked with me to help me buy the cards.

The people of Beijing are wonderful.

The volunteers at the university who were returning from tennis were "worn out." Long days for them, for sure. The bus ride is more than an hour. I've been most impressed with the university students.

Only one in eleven who applied to be a volunteer got 'hired' for these no-paid jobs. They get a shirt, one meal a day and a fanny pack. Some get slacks with zippers to make into shorts. They are trying to navigate a complicated network of events and venes that are the Olympics.

It rained all night last night. Some into the day. Today was 'puddle day.' Some rain returned tonight at 8 pm.

Yesterday it rained as we came home from water polo. We were soaked. No problem.

Our bikes might rust to nothingness in another week. Cerain bolts and bits of the bike are not as sturdy as others. Went to my new best friend to get a new bike seat and bike seat post so it can be raised. I don't like to pedal with my knees under my chin. But now I'm high and can't touch the road while seated at a stop. Comfort wins. I'll make a bigger drafting wake for Grant to glide within.

Talked to a guy at the 'bike shop' who was in Pittsburgh two months ago. Small world. He was here to serve a deligation of folks that visited CMU to talk about ways to better manage computing and community elements. How one person's comments can be tracked to the various conversations. Go figure. That group also spent time in the state of Washington at Olympia. They were here as the Arts Festival was in town.

Our swag rocks. More on that with another post. We are keeping a list of who gets one of our gifts.

Twitter had tip about Wolf Wigo's film showing and Stanford.

Softball's #2, batting 3rd, is a fried of a friend.

By the way, water polo was amazing. I'll need to dedicate that to its own post too. We talked with all the team's players and their families. Photos, etc. They are such a nice group of people.

We saw USA beat China in the opening game of the pool play. At one point, the game was tied 3-3. Great USA Goolkeeping throughout.

Both Erik and I were able to lift today. Working out on weights at a local 5-star hotel. Didn't swim as we didn't bring our swim caps. But, Erik and I both had a bit of tummy troubles too. Won't get any more dumplings from the street vendor.

Good night.

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