Monday, August 04, 2008

Carlynton Happenings saga is far from over

The saga in Crafton, Carnegie and R.Farms is far from over with the access to the facilities within the school.
Carlynton Happenings One director tells us how it is.....
“To think that limiting the debate on the issue would have somehow changed the outcome of the board’s vote is wrong.”

So says Carlynton director Patty Schirripa in a statement she circulated regarding her decision to push through the new facilities policy.
Check out that story.

Same on Marty Griffin of KDKA radio for not doing a segment on this subject after he had it already slated for three weeks ago. Marty! There is a tie in to local sports (swimming, baseball, soccer, gymnastics) and world affairs.

China has its hang-ups on power. And so do local school boards in the good ol US of A.

By the way, these blogs are not illegal school board members. Rumor has it that they were looking to 'sue' or 'shut down' the site(s) as they've become so frustrated with others knowing what is going on there.

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