Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Update from the end of week one

We lost the internet for a couple of days. Sorry about that. Guess I shouldn't go to rouge video sites sorta like Utube-ish.

Out of the blue, Grant crashed on his bike (again). A bit of road rash is on his leg and arm. We've started a list of all the things that Grant has crashed into. I got really mad at him today as we started out and he did the old classic -- "Look mom! No hands." But he doesn't know the joke. The jokes on us. Ouch.

Catherine and I were headed to WalMart on foot to buy a little table for our meals and playing cards -- and we ran into two women who were looking for the weight lifting venue. They had just taken the subway here and were turned around. We walked them to the venue, knowing a short cut even. And, they had two extra tickets. But, most of the session had already happened. Anyway -- we got to see some weightlifting -- on a lark.

They were headed next to the canoe venue and I just got some great suggestions on getting there. Our tickets are to canoe in the afternoon. We have three tickets in the moring to Artistic Gymnastics. Trouble is -- it takes more than an hour to get to canoe. And, we live in the North East/Central, while artistic gymnastics is south west and the canoe is past the airport at the north east.

One tip was to take the subway (train) to the airport and then get a cab to the canoe venue. Most of the cabs don't want to drive all the way to the canoe venue. The charge is about $70 from airport and $120+/- from Beijing at the end of the subway line.

Needless to say, we can't bike to the venues tomorrow.

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