Friday, August 29, 2008

Ex-Schenley students try Reizenstein on for size

Ex-Schenley students try Reizenstein on for size: "The squat, 33-year-old Reizenstein building in Shadyside may lack the architectural majesty of the historic, triangular Schenley building in Oakland.
But Reizenstein has new furniture, two student lounges and ample space for playing sports outside.
The district just planted trees in the big field to the east side of the building -- knocking out a band practice field, if not more.


Anonymous said...

John K: Weak complaint. Really weak. You lost, move on.

Anonymous said...

Very weak. Move on is right.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of an exchange program between South Park and Schenley High students. Long term friendships made and hopefully it will continue at the new site. Could more such programs exist and we did not know of them?