Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cyclists observed wearing USOC-issued masks upon arrival

Cyclists observed wearing USOC-issued masks upon arrival 'They should have
taken more responsibility -- maybe publicly supported us and behind the scenes
slapped our wrist,' Lea said of top U.S. Olympic officials. 'It's hard to say
what kind of a toll that could have taken, but, for sure, our first five days at
the Olympics were terrible.'

It has been worse for Friedman, an outgoing sort who is accessible
because he has a blog. He estimates he has received more than 15,000 hate
e-mails from around the world.

I still do not understand. The guys show up in Beijing wearing masks. Then they feel like they were targeted for being foolish. So, now they are done with the competition and have a statement. But the statement they make is full of additional vile and goes to prove that they were foolish. Now the slant is their burden because the USA Olympic Committee did nothing to prevent them from playing the part of a fool.

If I'm missing something -- let me know. I don't think Shelly Anderson is such a reporter as to have twisted things like a soap opera script. But, perhaps I'm wrong.

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