Monday, August 04, 2008

We're at the starting line of our travels

We're on our way. Beijing, China, here we come.

This is our 4th trip to China. Our 5th over the Pacific. Or, around it. To get to Beijing, we'll fly to D.C. Depart early Monday. Then around noon we'll fly to Beijing, direct. The flight path goes over the North Polo. We've never gone from D.C. before.

On the way home, we'll fly to Chicago. Stay a day or two. Then come home. That will be in September.

Did I mention, again, that we have house sitters.

The photo above is on a running track outside a stadium in Chengdu. It is in the common ground area there. Imagine that around PNC Park and Heinz Field. Why not have a 'running track?' Golly. Kids could get some exercies. And, adults too.

China has had the Olympics on its mind for some time. They have put effort into hosting the games -- by making these tracks and fitness elements a part of the parks and landscape. We can learn a lesson about that. Around our stadiums, we're looking for more ways to serve beer and that's about it, if you overlook the casino.

We leave on the 4th. We'll get there on the 5th. The flight to Beijing is as long as four movies and a good long nap.

I've got my iPod loaded with some Free Talk Live radio shows. And, I've got my ear plugs. The kids and Catherine have those soft comfy neck pillows.

Last trip Catherine and I took was to Amsterdam in the spring. We flew in business class. Ahh. Those were the days. Now it is 'coach.' Love that name, coach.

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