Monday, September 08, 2008

Action Alert: Verify Our Voting Software!

At 5 pm on Tuesday Sept. 9, 2008 we get to tell Allegheny County Council and Our Board of Election to "Audit Our Voting Software."

If we can't have a paper ballot, at least verify that our voting software is authentic!

County Council Meeting - Tuesday at 5pm, Sept. 9th
4th Floor, County Courthouse - Gold Room

Sign up to speak to council before Monday at 5pm with this link here:

When you sign up, put "Verify Voting Software" in Agenda Item.

In the two years since our voting machines have arrived from a factory in the Philippines, the voting software has never been audited for authenticity. We are asking for public software audits that compare our voting software with the software certified by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. "Unauthorized Patches" have been used illegally in other states by the voting machine vendors. Allegheny County promised to verify our voting software. Now, we are calling for the Board of Election to hold a special meeting to make software verification happen.

Our goal is to have 30 voters show up this Tuesday at county council and call for software verification. All folks have to do is walk up to the podium and say "Please, Verify Our Voting Software!" If we show up with 30 voters, we will make news.

See you there!

David Brown,

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