Monday, September 08, 2008

Missing blacks at GOP Party and in line-up for US Congress

My instant message to KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin who is race baiting:

Smart black candidates run as for office as an Independent, not Republican. That's why there are only 7 blacks running for US Congress. Marty's concepts and benchmark is more mole-hill than mountain.


Anonymous said...

What? Smart African Americans run for office as Independents, not Republicans?

In what alternate universe?

That's poppycock. Indies almost never win.

Most blacks run as Democrats, but we aren't flush with conservative African Americans.

Indies almost never win.


Mark Rauterkus said...

There was a lot in the conversation with Marty G of KDKA radio today that was "poppycock."

First, he was talking about US Congress races. Only 7 (??) blacks are running as GOPers this cycle, he said, I think.

And, he was harping on the lack of color at the convention.

The delegates are elected too.

I said some in the city who had been Rs ran as Is. David Adams is one true example. The I almost never win in the city and that is only outdone by the Ls and Rs that never win.

I don't claim to be "smart."

Right -- the best way to win is to be a "D" -- if the candidate is black -- and especially in the city and most other cities.

There are many conservative African Americans. A good number in the city. But the smart one with political ambition are not going to rush into a war with one sided demographics and pick the wrong party label -- generally.