Monday, December 01, 2008

Colaizzi named city schools' new president

Colaizzi named city schools' new president: "The Pittsburgh Public Schools board has elected Theresa Colaizzi of Greenfield as its new president.

Mrs. Colaizzi was elected tonight (with six votes in favor. Three board members -- Mark Brentley, Sherry Hazuda and Randall Taylor -- abstained.

Mrs. Colaizzi follows Bill Isler, who served as president for five years. Mr. Isler was elected second vice president. Thomas Sumpter was elected first vice president.

In remarks following her election, Mrs. Colaizzi praised Mr. Isler. She also said, 'Tonight, I commit to all of you that I will chair this board with a spirit of optimism and collaboration.'

Mrs. Colaizzi, 48, was an active parent before joining the board seven years ago. She is the mother of two Allderdice High School graduates and the owner of a hair salon, Hair Etc.
Mrs. Colaizzi's term on the board is up this year. She told me she would decide about January if she will run again for another four year term or not. Wonder what this new role does to her plans for eventual retirement.

Mrs. Colaizzi is the board member from my 9th of town, for what it is worth.

She isn't so fond of technology. At least I felt that she was very harsh on past Chief Technology Officers for PPS.

Hope she reads the tech position from India out on my blog earlier today. There is a pointer to a PDF with some keen insights into what could and should be done with learning about computers and communications. That plan applies to some 20-million school children. And, it is now fully about open source technology.

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