Monday, December 01, 2008

Navy Seal hits South Side river's edge

UPMC Sports Performance is now offering Navy SEAL Fitness Classes. Classes will be conducted at both the South and North UPMC Sports Performance locations in Gibsonia and the South Side. Experience the dimension of elite fitness and personal conditioning that is applicable to all athletic pursuits and you.

All classes are taught by a genuine Navy SEAL of 25 years. For all ability levels... men and women alike! This program is guaranteed to vault you to superior level(s) of personal and athletic fitness. A universal conditioning regimen that SEAL's actually employ... which is virtually applicable to any recreational, sport and athletic activity! Ideal training and conditioning for all middle school and high school athletes, future military prospects, law enforcement, fire fighters and more!

Days: Monday and Wednesday mornings... weekly.
Time: 6:00 to 7:00 AM
Location: UPMC Sports Performance Complex... SOUTH SIDE: 3300 South Water St @ Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Cost: $250.00: Per person... for one 8 week block of training. (You can start training on any Monday AM... that you choose.)
*** NOTE: (All UPMC employees receive a $20.00 discount.) ***
POC: Dan Toth: USN/SEAL/Retired - ISSA CPAT - UPMC Sports Performance Complex - Director of Performance Camps - (C) (412) 926-5204

NOTICE: "This program is neither affiliated with no obtained programming associated with the University of Pittsburgh's Neuromuscular Research Laboratory research, Office of Naval Research/NSW Award #N00014-07-1190"


Anonymous said...

AT a premium....not worth it. That facility offers ZERO to the community. They don't need another dollar SEAL, or no seal!

Anonymous said...

NOT worth it....the guy teaching it seems to be a real freak!