Monday, December 01, 2008

Palin is back to work on campaign trails in Georgia

The general election of 2008 is not over, just yet. Georgia, due to strong vote totals for 3rd party candidate(s), has a run-off election. I wonder how that is going?
Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Morning Buzz: Palin-She’s baaaack � - Blogs from "Sarah Palin is on the campaign trail today for fellow party member Saxby Chambliss. He is in a crucial run-off race for a US Senate seat in Georgia against Democrat Jim Martin tomorrow.

This Georgia race has implications for the wider balance of power in the Senate. If Chambliss loses and the Democrats win the still TBD Minnesota senate race, Dems would have a filibuster proof majority. For her part, if Palin sways the vote successfully, her ability to rev up the conservative base will be in the spotlight.

Exit polls after the election showed her popularity fade with some, others still see her as the best speaker in the Republican party, and her name continues to be one of most searched on the internet. Gary Tuchman will follow her today in Georgia and report tonight. Are you glad to see her in the spotlight?

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