Thursday, October 22, 2009

Acklin vs. Griffin


The Feds (FBI) do NOT vote. That is the role of the citizens.

If benefits were or were not 'beholden' is a matter for voters at one level and investigators at another.

Kevin Acklin does NOT need to prove Ravenstahl guilty. He only needs to say he'll be better than what we've got.

And, you are so right in one repeated assertion you've been making, -- You don't see it.

Why in the world would WTAE choose to NOT put more of the debate on the web? I want to see the entire debate. They only do 2 clips. None really from Dok either. I'm pissed at WTAE.

Perhaps those at WQED can get a copy of the WTAE show and re-run it on 13 and put it live on the OnQ web site, for goodness sake.

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