Monday, October 05, 2009

Peaceful Rally to Denounce Dan Onorato's candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania


What: Peaceful Rally to Denounce Dan Onorato's candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania

When: Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Where: Outside IBEW Hall, 29th and Sydney (one block off Carson Street towards the river on Pittsburgh's South Side

Time: 5:00 PM

County Executive Dan Onorato and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl are the two leaders who presided over and sanctioned the imposition of a police state on the city of Pittsburgh during the G20.

By announcing his candidacy for Governor this coming Tuesday, Mr. Onorato wants to extend his brutal and destructive leadership to all of Pennsylvania. A coalition of student and community groups will peacefully assemble outside the IBEW Hall on Pittsburgh's South Side to declare that Dan Onorato is neither morally nor politically fit to be Governor.

In addition to trampling on our constitutional rights and violently repressing both protesters and non-protestors alike, Mr. Onorato has, in general, been disastrous for the people of Pittsburgh. He supported the costly and unnecessary North Shore tunnel to service the needs of sports franchise and casino owners while simultaneously raising fares and cutting service to city and county residents who depend on public transportation. While on city council, he was the most vocal opponent of the creation of the Citizen Police Review Board. In general, he has placed the interest of Corporate Pittsburgh above the needs of the people of Pittsburgh.

In a democratic society, one of the means available to the people seeking accountability and justice is the electoral process. We are coming together to use this avenue of civic participation to see to it that Dan Onorato does not become Governor of Pennsylvania. Not in our city - Not in our state - Not in our name!

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