Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pittsburgh Public Schools RFP for summer 2010, round 2. A call to engage with middle school students.

He's back: Eddie Wilson and team of PPS Administrators are back to the drawing board and release another RFP.

Provide 6th-8th Grade Students Unique Afternoon Activities for the 2010 Summer Middle-Grades Camp

As you know, when the State budget was recently passed the ARRA Title 1 stimulus dollars were approved for the literacy portion of the PPS Summer Middle-Grades Camp, but the ARRA State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) funds that would have been used for the afternoon activities did not come through. The proposals we received in the initial RFP process cannot be accepted under the Title 1 regulations. Because of the change in our funding, PPS is issuing two (2) new RFPs[1] for literacy and activities providers.

The “Title 1” RFP (attached) is seeking partners to teach PPS middle-grade students literacy by infusing instruction with activities that generate excitement in a new area of interest. Winning Title I proposals will be funded utilizing the ARRA Title 1 stimulus funds.
· The “Revised Activities” RFP (attached) is seeking providers to teach PPS middle-grade students a unique and creative hobby and generate excitement in a new area of interest that ignites a passion both during the five-week summer camp and for the rest of their lives. Funding for proposals accepted through the “Activities” RFP process are not currently available. We are in the process of pursuing alternative funding through private sources.
Both RFPs are open for any organization or individual to submit proposals regardless of whether or not a proposal was submitted in response to the original RFP.

This is an exciting time in Pittsburgh Public Schools, and this camp is an amazing opportunity for the school district, local organizations, parents, and especially for students! Please consider submitting a proposal as outlined in one of the new Request For Proposal to be a part of this summer experience. We are looking for outstanding proposals to make this a premier summer camp.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

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Anonymous said...

Would not libraries, within walking distance, be the best at promoting literacy? Librarians are trained to develop enthusiasm for reading.