Friday, October 23, 2009

Mark Rauterkus signals to WTAE Channel 4 = u local + u cover up

Mark Rauterkus - United States, WTAE Channel 4 Photo - u local, Your Pittsburgh Photos & Videos#

It stinks that WTAT TV is choosing to NOT post the entire debate among the candidates for mayor held in the WTAE studios on Wednesday, October 21, 2009.

Some say that you all are just too lazy.

Others are saying that WTAE is just too fearful of non-D candidates.

I say that watchdogs need to do their jobs, in full. It is hard enough to get the debates, so that when they do arrive, they need to reach as many as possible. KDKA TV posted the entire debate that was hosted there before it was even on the TV. WTAE can do the same. If you need some help, let me know. I can take the DVD (a copy) and put it onto the web.

We are waiting.

Mark -at- Rauterkus -dot- com.

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