Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tweet into the sunset. But most of all: Don't burn out.

I posted at Bram's blog:

My #1 bit of advice to all local advocates, bloggers and otherwise, has always been: "Don't burn out."

Think fixture.

To that note, the trend these days is twitter and facebook has been on the rise too.

I've got my main account, @Rauterkus, where I follow= 2,001 (limit at 2K) and 1,172 follow me; and I've made 4,133 tweets.

My MR & Running Mates blog is at 9,375 visible posts. A slew of other blogs and wikis are out there to other levels of input.

Presently my main www sites, Rauterkus.com, & elect.Rauterkus have been down for a couple of months, getting a re-tooling of sorts. The one day peak was >7000 visitors, years ago. Even my blast list is down from >10,000 contacts -- but it still lives and bucked recently to twist the arm of WTAE TV to post the entire debate #2 onto the web.

Sending tweets is easier. Go with the flow of the time. Carry your weight.

Pittsburgh has had a rash of lightweight retirements and too many crow about un-engaged voters. Heavy. so don't go to the dark side of being un-engaged, as in retirement. Just lighten up. Tweet into the sunset.

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