Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jack Wagner aims to boost Pennsylvania colleges with scholarship program

Two PA Education articles in today's paper:

Article 1:
Wagner aims to boost Pennsylvania colleges with scholarship program - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Gubernatorial hopeful Jack Wagner pledged Saturday to start a scholarship program to help students who decide to stay in Pennsylvania to attend college."

Article 2:
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment science scores vex educators - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Statewide, fewer than 40 percent of 11th-graders passed the exam, up only slightly from the year before. Fifty-five percent of Pennsylvania eighth-graders passed their version of the test, and 83 percent of fourth-graders passed theirs by logging scores in either a 'proficient' or 'advanced' category."

Will the PA scholarship program lessen the benefit to what the Pittsburgh Promise delivers? Or, does it not really matter because we don't have any belief in politicians nor their promises. Plus, he won't win with planks like that anyway.

Rather than talking at all about college kids in the future, it would be more prudent to talk about how the state does not have a budget and schools today are needing to take a 3rd and 4th dip into their endowment just to stay open. Present tense state folly is killing education in PA on many different levels.

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