Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Live Blog Bruce Kraus on KDKA Radio with Marty Griffin

Six agencies and the other enforcement agencies (two more?) are necessary to take away the rights of property owners. All of those agencies are good for a big government advocate.

Bruce is still glowing about his mind-expanding trip to San Francisco.

Wonder if any of those lines by the sidewalk cafes were painted by Bruce himself.

Jason got in a zinger at the start of the interview by passing on an instant message: "Tell Adolph Kraus he's fired."

Bruce says many people can't get to the post office because they can't navigate around the outside tables at Falino's. Humm. Tom's Diner was the place that had the giant election signs for the Kraus opponent, twice. If one lives in a cronies world, then to the victor go the spoils. Bang. Pay back. Blow back.

Kraus said, "You don't rule the world, Marty." Who does?

The zoning code in the Strip District is different than what applies in the South Side.

Penny calls: Bruce worked on the removal of the sidewalk cafe on his first day. Not after getting a ton of complaints. Penny has to come out to defend herself. Sidewalk is 18 foot wide.

Puts a rope around the neck of the small business owner.

Bruce wrote the sidewalk cafe ordinance. Bruce says it is not a personal issue. Bruce has HOW many businesses in HIS district? Bruce has 33,000 constituents.

Caller from Monroeville: "That guy does not have a clue!"

John calls and says "Bruce is from another planet." Where are you at on the cars parking on the sidewalks. Marty, he is an absolute liar."

My instant message: Ask Bruce if we'll be able to open South Side's Oliver Bath House for the summer of 2010 in the months of June, July and August for swim lessons? It is closed all summer.

Ask Bruce about the still closed indoor ice rink in the close South Side Park. Any progress there? This is a place that they said was being used for G20 protesters.

Penny got in a closing word. Back in the day....

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Matt H said...

I am with Kraus on the sidewalks and I am with you on the Oliver Bath House.