Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dream on

Bram is in whine mode, without the cheese about the local / regional media. My comments at the comet:

Welcome to the bandwagon.

From Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates ponder current events

A friend of mine told me in 2000, "Mark, don't pick fights with those that buy ink by the barrel."

That is good advice for those that want to win elections and get jobs. But, it isn't what I was out to do. I'd rather work and save the region.

I have an education and background in journalism and publishing. I've been upset at the local media for decades. And, I let them and others know about many of their fumbles.

But the worst of the worst is QED. So much for needing a commercial station. We should have 2 noncommercial public stations that are doing the work that needs to be done and we get do-whop. They suck. They are the root of many ills.

Jim Roddey would NOT sign my petition to get allow me onto the ballot in 2001 because I was pounding on QED -- and he was on the board there.

As for fun news: Ever see "The Art of News" -- a PCTV21 show? Great stuff. We held writters meetings at my home/office. I miss that and them. So much fun. Very worthy pursuits.

Don't go to the the foundation folks -- as they saw to it that QED got to its state. Unless you go to them and ask for heads now -- not a year from now (i.e. George Miles). Jagoffs. works. You gotta get your own podcast(s). That should be the next step for many with ambitions.

Press a CD / DVD -- cost about $.25 each. Do that five times and then attach your resume to it.

Ron Morris would be a good stop after that work has been completed.

Where is that 'watch dog?' (see image?)

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