Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My $.02 about the revolving door at the helm of BBI = building inspector's boss

Again, I posted at Bram's blog, something like this.

The rental ordinance as well as the abandoned building law passed by Pittsburgh City Council are crap bills. Over-reaching again. Worthless in the real world.

If they (anyone on Grant Street) wanted to streamline city government (that's what Pat Ford was to be doing) -- they'd prune all the stuff that they can't enforce and shouldn't enforce.

Examples like these (resignation of BBI's top person, again; inside baseball on management of city's employees) are not going to resonate (have great traction with more than 100 voters) with the voters / challengers (Dok Harris and Kevin Acklin).

If more noise was made then the members on city council would need to be engaged in railing against the mayor too. As the council members would need to start to campaign against the mayor because he didn't enforce -- then their twisted laws would be put front and center. The end result is that members of council would really be campaigning against what evil they have planted throughout the city's code and in the city's neighborhoods.

Going to knock on that door together isn't going to bring much but bloody knuckles. Nobody is home. House is empty. Demolition pending.

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