Friday, October 23, 2009

VICTORY looks like this: Thank you WTAE TV

WTAE is posting the entire debate on

Link to the first segment,

The rest will be
posted in the debate story later this afternoon. See:

Thanks for your interest,

Tim McAteer, Digital Executive Producer, WTAE-TV Channel 4 Action News,

Prior post from earlier today:

I just got this email sent from a friend -- and I'm now dancing in the streets.

You will be able to watch the debate on later today.

Tim McAteer
Digital Executive Producer
WTAE-TV Channel 4 Action News

YES. WTAE TV is going to post the full debate on the web. Getting a debate is hard enough. Doing one and not show it all is -- well -- it isn't going to happen.

Now we'll need to go watch it all and remember what gets said on Nov 3 -- and beyond.

Then we can get past #2 and get geared up for #3 of the series of debate in the days to come.

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