Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Point State Park to lose 27 trees - DOUBLE TALK

The entire Point State Park re-do is a giant waste of money. Here is another branch in this sad chapter -- and shows of double talk.
Point State Park to lose 27 trees: "Not only are the trees on top of water and sewer lines, Ms. Novak said, they sit on ground that is scheduled to be reshaped to allow water to drain more easily after flooding.
First we are told that the trees are over water and sewage lines. But then we aer told that the trees are not able to be there due to the incline for water run-off after flooding.

There are not 27 trees over water lines in the park. No way. And, why do the water lines need to be replaced? For funnel cake vendors?

The Riverlife Task Force stinks, still. Where are they -- running the chain saws?

Why not auction the lumber? Is there a kick back with that that value? Sniff. Something smells.

By all means, they had better re-plant trees that are native to the area, for goodness sakes. Why not plant corn instead? Pumpkins would be nice too. Make some food and open a composte park for all those living in the new downtown condos.

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