Friday, October 23, 2009

Mayor's Race Fireworks. Who is wearing what hat matters most of all.

Here is the deal: When those on Grant Street, (or in other places, City Hall) do "development" and "play the role of developers" then it is no wonder that the one who should be doing the development are going to go in and start to take the helm of those who should govern.

The roles are flipped.

The wires are crossed.

The purpose is all wrong.

I long for the day when the mayor and county executive and even the governor and president govern and stick to their jobs and duties. To me, that is uphold the constitution and insure that liberties are protected for all. That's the 'and justice for all' part and that takes a great deal of work. That's 24-7 work.

Meanwhile, those with ambitions for building buildings, designing spaces and opportunities for capital investments are encouraged to get it on. Go for it. Go for it here in our town -- a place where capital investments are not risky business. Go for it here where you are free to operate without kickback, tear downs, red tape, greese for the wheel and central authority road blocks. Yes, you are free and with each ounce of freedom comes a pound of responsibility. But be free. Create wealth. Build and sustain!

For years Pittsburgh has had it wrong.

Tom Murphy wanted to build a Disney-land-ish North Shore.

Bob Cramner wanted to make a Dino Park. He was a county councilman and got dinged out of office and he has the blueprints for a 'first day attraction' that would blow your socks off. Except he is clueless and shouldn't be the developer.

Sophie was the one that propsed a baseball only stadium and was jeered at -- until Tom Murphy and Tom Cox could claim it for themselves.

The Steelers' owners have political sway -- as do the Pens -- and they RENT space in public buildings. And, they even get the landlords to bring out the wrecking balls on places that they don't own.

The URA should be liquidated.

Then we can focus upon what really matters.

There was a time, back in the day, when the one's in public office worried about PARKs. Imagine that. We worry more about the killing of geese than the kids in our parks. Where is that non-profit parks booster group, Governor Candidate Onorato?

Now our politicians are caught with their pants down when it comes out that the library system needs to shut a handful of branches. Even the executives at the library turned into development agents by moving branches from historic, functional, majestic buildings (North Side, Hazelwood) to business corridors. Jeepers, if they only fixed up what they had already and spent what money was available, then they'd have a sustainable system.

The examples are numerous.

Now we've got the sizzle and noise about Luke Ravenstahl and corruption as well as miss-statements to direct questions. It is a matter of leadership. But, it is a matter of direction and purpose.

None of the three are talking about the real proplem and the real solution.

There is no room in municipal government for the likes of Pat Ford. He got a big buyout for shutting up. He isn't the lone villan -- but in times of campaigns it is time to look at leadership and purpose.

Kick the developer mentality (and those who value such) out of local government. Then we'll have a chance of transparent, open, honest, caring government for a free society.

When the mayor plays the role of 'developer' then the developers are going to be one in the same as the mayor.

Lay the shovel down, all of you.

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