Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogger to blogger advice. Buddie tips even.

I posted over at anther blog some tips.

Bram, do not go overboard yourself. You wrote in part:

"Luke is lying, and everyone is giving him a pass because they'd rather see him prosecuted than bother calling him a liar again. For goodness sakes, people,..."

The EVERYONE part above is a lie too. First, don't discount yourself. You care. You are not giving out a free pass. You are part of everyone.

But, please do not lecture to the masses so as to think and know what they (we) think. That's just a little trap that I'd hate to see you step in so as to discount everything else.

Moving along, frankly, I do NOT want to see Luke prosecuted. That isn't a 'wish' of mine. We have elections. I want to see elections count far more than the actions of DAs and Attorney Generals and Ethics Boards. Being prosecuted is one of my last concerns and it should be in the back seat to plain old elections. Elections are where these things should be settled, not with the courts nor with violence. I'm a big fan of democracy, messy as it is.

Furthermore, it isn't good form to call anyone, yet alone the mayor of the city you reside within, a 'liar.'

I'm all for taking people out of their comfot zone. Sometimes a poke with a sharp or blunt stick is what is most effective. But, wow. To call names -- scum is a favorite of mine -- makes a big risk. No threat. Just, be careful. The conversation is on thin ice already. It won't take much to have the discussion implode.

Being honest is one of my valued principals (Caring, Loving, Open, Honest) -- but at the same time it would be foolish to go around telling people that they are 'fat.' Being honest personally -- and being an overt enforcer with a scaret letter of honesty -- are two different matters. There are two sides to the sword of honesty and people don't like to swing it nor be around much when it gets serious use.

Lots may run for cover. We want lots to get more engaged.

Countless things encircle us where we, as individuals and as a society, are not honest in addressing. Honest talk -- really honest -- becomes crushing.

So, tag it. Then advance to the other driving points. Tip to KA and Dok. In your administration (because we all know some less than honest dealings are going to get spun), who will be calling the shots? Developers? Developers did call many shots when Tom Murphy and Bob O'Connor were at the helm too.

My point: Distinctions beyond honesty and liar are necessary for a campaign to be effective.

He isn't honest. But that is not news. All politicians are less than honest to some degree.

And by all means, don't over-sell it -- because EVERYONE isn't giving a pass to those who are at odds with the truth.


Bram Reichbaum said...

First of all, "Everyone" was only a figure of speech.

But secondly, your point about the harshness of "liar" -- point well taken.

Mark Rauterkus said...

"Friends" and "no formal role" -- well -- they can be figures of speech too.

See what I mean?

Have a good rest of weekend. :)

Mark Rauterkus said...

my other post in a thread.

A MOVEMENT with lots of buy in is necessary. This is big picture stuff. Globally, we've got to wake up the masses. Then the real 'throw the bums out' or 'clean sweep' can begin.

Voter turnout in a mayor's race is going to be modest, at best. And, many won't know all the options.

Just general stuff.

On the flip side, IMHO, talk of 'liar' is going to freeze citizens and diminish the potential for new arrivals to the "movement." Fewer may opt-in and be converted from informed voter to campaign supporter / worker / volunteer / donor / advocate.

Pokes and even whacks on the opposition has its place and time -- and is necessary -- as PART of the full story. But, I don't think that (name calling) is the lead and headline, repeatedly.

On another note: corruption is everywhere, not only in Pittsburgh. A political life/landscape is sorta disheartening. Term limits and churn among candidates and office holders has its merits. The rookies are never as experienced as the veterans when it comes to shielding (untransparent) the unethical.

Luke is a young guy and sorta new in the mayor's office. He won't make the same mistakes over and over again, I expect. The mistake is 'getting caught' -- if you know what I mean.

Think again: As the politicians get really good at their jobs -- it is often bad news from my perspective.