Sunday, October 04, 2009

Welcome Home Craig

Onorato puts Philly first - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "RETURN OF 'SPOKESBOY.' Our old buddy Craig Kwiecinski, for years the mouthpiece of dour former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy, is coming back to town.

Kwiecinski was hired Wednesday by Pittsburgh Public Schools to serve as head flack for Superintendent Mark Roosevelt. He begins his new duties Nov. 1.

Since Murphy left office in 2006, Kwiecinski has worked for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority in Washington, D.C.

Kwiecinski, 36, spent nine years as a Murphy staffer. He was nicknamed 'Spokesboy' by several media types for his youthful-looking face, from which often emerged acerbic responses to reporters' questions.
I never called Mr. Kwiecinski names.


Matt H said...

Him and the rest of the Murphy crooks should stay away.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need- more PR from Pittsburgh public schools.

newbie said...

Not being a reader of the trib on any regular basis I was taken aback by the term "head flack" and wondered where it falls on the organizational chart.