Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arena goodbye idea - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Arena goodbye idea - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "I propose that before Mellon Arena is torn down, we have a massive concert that headlines local musicians. Joe Grushecky, Donnie Iris, The Clarks, Bill Toms, Bill Deasy, Tom Breiding, Good Brother Earl and so many more could play. We could even open the roof.
Hate to lose you, Mellon Arena.
Wilson Kondrich
Swisshelm Park
The Civic Arena does NOT need to be torn down.

Good idea about a local concert. I'd call it more of a music festival, not just a concert. And, there was some talk about the opening of the roof again on the RAD Day. So, that is NOT out of the question.

The Civic Arena is a great place for open air hockey too. And, turn back the clock nights as well. It can stay for video screens of home games for overflow crowds.

The Civic Arena played an important role in the G-20 events too. It is a handy building to work in harmony with the Convention Center and the new Consol Arena.

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