Monday, May 03, 2010

Fw: Be a Fan of the PLAN!

Most of these "Master Plans" of the past were hardly worth the paper they were printed upon. Some plans even used paper so large it could not be put on a photo copy machine and sent to the citizens. That's the work of too many paid consultants, generally. Call them "Lesser Plans" and I would not be so haked off about what they contain and omit.

Be a fan of the plan means being a booster of the status quo politicians.

From: "Hanna, Dolores" <>
Subject: FW: Be a Fan of the PLAN!

 Dear Interested Citizen: 

The City's first Comprehensive Plan, PLANPGH launched last week with the opening of our website ( and with three public meetings to gather input on PRESERVEPGH -- the Cultural Heritage component to the Plan.  At these public meetings, we heard your comments and thoughts on all things Cultural Heritage: the positive, negative, and everything in-between. 

If you were not able to make it to one of the public meetings, it is not too late to make your voice heard! Please take 15 minutes to fill out the PRESERVEPGH survey so we can learn how you feel about cultural heritage: what buildings are important to you? what are the "issues" surrounding preservation? how do you envision the City in 20 years?

To fill out the Cultural Heritage survey, click here: PLANPGH Exchange button.png
You can access this link, and much more information, at the "Get Involved" section of our website.  Check it out, and come back often as we will be posting information about future public meetings and other surveys.  You can also follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter!

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We rely upon you for your knowledge and expertise in this matter.  Who knows Pittsburgh better than its own citizens?

Thanks for your time, 

Katherine Molnar
Historic Preservation Planner
City of Pittsburgh
Department of City Planning
200 Ross St, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Ph: 412.255.2243
Ph: 412.255.2243

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