Monday, August 15, 2005

Arts Alive - Yes, Bob O'Connor is alive. There was a sighting of Bobby O' .

O'Connor, the local blogger, has better search engine rankings in Pittsburgh than our Dem candidate for mayor. But, there is an official sighting. Whale watching tours, submarine races and looking for Mayor candidates in Pittsburgh all net the same outcomes: Long on search, little on sizzle, lonesome on steak. Arts Alive - Birthday Bon Voyage: Nearly 50 years ago, savvy skipper John Connelly launched a river renaissance when he set sail on the Mon, Allegheny and Ohio with his Gateway Clipper Fleet. This past Saturday, some 200 family members and friends wished him a happy 80th birthday on a three-hour cruise that brought together well wishers such as grandson Terry Wirginis and Pam with great grandkids Alex, Nic and Hannah; Lt. Guv Catherine Baker Knoll; Anita and Ross Dacal; mayor apparent Bob O'Connor; Kamie Schoonhoven and Duquesne U. music dean Dr. Ed Kocher; Sophie Masloff; Dr. Ralph Affinito; and judge Alan Hertzberg.
Les Ludwig, 73, retired Sq. Hill biz man, and former candidate for mayor in the Dem primary, and I were chatting on the phone today. He too has seen Bob O'Connor, at least twice this summer.

Les is still pushing for "art advertising" solutions for Pittsburgh so as to raise some money for the empty public treasury. Les also visited with two County Council Members. The county did move on the issue and did put in a formal motion that passed with all in favor to do a serious look at art-advertising and sponsorships. The city's lack of ambition on this area is an ongoing frustration.

O'Connor isn't going to do anything, so the report comes from Les, until he is elected.

Well, Les is still upset with the political machine. But I begged him to NOT run for mayor again in the general election as a write in candidate. No Les. Move on. Get with the others who are ON the Ballot. Leverage those 500-votes he got and try to help someone else.

I told Les he'd be much less than 25 votes as a write in in November. But, he could take the 500+ votes and turn them into 5,000 if he would start now and work to unseat Dan Frankle, D, state rep. The D primary for that race is in the spring of 2006.

We need to throw the bumbs out. People like Les are decent candidate options as he'd not be in Harrisburg for much more than a term given his age.

In another conversation today, I spoke with Lynn Cullen, 1360 AM and PCNC TV. The first hour of her radio show is going onto the air as a TV show too, each night, and with a replay at NOON the next day. My call to her was at the start of the second hour of the show.

Lynn's rant against the pay raise was an hour long. But, she did meet with two callers who put cold water onto the issue. A women from the Mon Valley and a guy from Cannosburg were both NOT willing to vote against their existing state reps.

To bring home the bacon is very important to the Mon Valley. I say nuts to that. And, I said it well as a final statement in a debate this spring at Mt. Washington. We have a bigger duty to the consitution, justice, freedom and being AMERICAN than being a rain-maker for neighborhoods of the district.

Another caller did say that the action needs to rests in the primary season for unseating the money grabbers. True, some heat needs to come there. But there are other burners on the stove that all need to fire up and work as well. The primary and general elections are both important parts of the process.

This is the time to recruit candidates, consider options, build teams and organize in the open.


Michael P. O'Connor said...

Thanks for the plug. But I was wondering was up with bob, he has not been in the news at all as of late, you would think that he would run one maybe two ads for himself, maybe he is over confident about his position, maybe that can be used against him to try to get some one else elected instead of him. Right now I kind of wish I knew where each candidate stands on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Iy would be silly for Bob to waste $$ right now when he doesnt need to spend it in the summer when people are out on vacation and not watching TV.

If and when Bob does TV ads for the general election they will be positive and they wont be until late September October. Why should he be on TV now when people know who he is. I think the Republican is the one who should be on TV trying to establish himself.