Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cookie Cruise with Bobby O

I went on the annual Bob O'Connor Cookie Cruise. Saw lots of people. Talked lots of politics. Had a great time.

Sadly, John M, the D.J., wouldn't play my requested song. He said, "No way." Jeepers. I felt that the song by Johnsmith, Don't Put Me In a Box, was fitting for both Bob and myself. It covers: Irish, Catholic, big family, grew up in the heartland, and all the colors of the rainbow too.

In other news, a number of candidates for the soon to be open seat for City Council District 3 were present as well. I count myself in that mix too.

Didn't see many other bloggers. But that might be par for the audience. A video crew or two were getting candid interviews.

The $25 donation was worth it. And, I stayed away from the hotdogs and cookies too!

And, the clincher: Bob O'Connor told me personally that he'll fix Pittsburgh once he's in office. So there. Guess I can rest my fears now.

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